Sometimes we need to be reminded

God cares about the poor, the suffering and the victimised. I don’t know why he made a world where so many suffer, but I do know he expects his people to do something about it – to ease the pain and to bring justice to the systems that cause the pain. Sometimes we forget. ButContinue reading “Sometimes we need to be reminded”

“An intangible narrative of unreachable worlds”

I was driving home tonight, listening to Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks, possibly for the hundredth time. It is probably my favourite album of all time. And it transported me – yet again. Approaching home and listening to the title fact, I was uplifted. And I started reminiscing.

Alice Cooper in Sunday School?

Alice Cooper used to be considered as evil personified, but now he is a christian believer, some don’t know how to take him. So I enjoyed this interview with him, especially these comments by the reporter: “In the same week, it’s possible that Cooper may be on stage fake-executing himself with a guillotine and helpingContinue reading “Alice Cooper in Sunday School?”