Billy Graham on who will be ‘saved’

Billy Graham

I have previously posted on the various views christians have on who will be saved (Can only christians be saved?). The exclusivists say only those who specifically believe in Jesus. The universalists say everyone, eventually. And the inclusivists say anyone who follows whatever light they have been given.

Recently I came across a quote that showed Billy Graham’s view.

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Urban Neighbours of Hope

I met Jon Owen at the Black Stump music festival. Over three days I listened to his stories and was impressed. I laughed a lot, but had the odd tear as well.

Jon & Lisa Owen

Jon and his wife Lisa live in one of Sydney’s most depressed suburbs as part of a community supported by Urban Neighbours of Hope, and try to bring hope to the many people who need it. I deeply admire them and their work, and I don’t think I could do it. I blogged about his book, Muddy Spirituality.

Here is an article from the Sydney Morning Herald about their life. It’s worth reading. (The photo above was taken from the article.)