Mungo Man and the first inhabitants of Australia

Long before European invaders and settlers arrived in Australia in 1788, the aboriginal people had occupied this continent and developed a culture and lifestyle that could sustain them in some harsh environments. A fascinating recent ABC documentary, First Footprints, gave a deeper insight into the lives of these pioneers. Advertisements

A climate change conspiracy?

So, if the facts (as outlined in previous posts) show that the world is indeed warming faster than ever before, the weather patterns are changing, the burning of fossil fuels is a major cause, and the outcomes will be disastrous, why do so many people still oppose the idea? Is there a conspiracy to present […]

Why christians should care about climate change

We have seen that the scientific data quite definitely shows that the world is warming up, and the last decade has been the warmest on record. And we have seen that this has four clear effects: A change in weather patterns. A rise in ocean water levels. Increasing melting of ice. More extreme weather events […]

Who’s afraid of climate change?

I have blogged on climate change before – see Climate change and christians and Christians and climate change. Almost another year has passed and new information is now available. It’s time to review. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll look at the evidence, the causes and the effects. Most importantly, I’ll be looking at […]

Climate change and christians

A month ago I pondered why so many christians appear unwilling to accept the broad consensus of reputable climate scientists that human-induced global warning is a serious threat to the earth. I have now come across some information that suggests that christians are not doing their homework, but are believing things told to them by […]