Climate change: causes and remedies

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We’ve seen that the scientific data shows that the world’s climate and weather patterns are changing, and that this spells disaster for many people in the world, and will impact all of us.

To do something about it, we need to know the causes.

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Why christians should care about climate change

Bangladesh floods

We have seen that the scientific data quite definitely shows that the world is warming up, and the last decade has been the warmest on record. And we have seen that this has four clear effects:

  1. A change in weather patterns.
  2. A rise in ocean water levels.
  3. Increasing melting of ice.
  4. More extreme weather events – fiercer storms, larger floods, longer droughts.

So why should christians be concerned about these effects?

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Who’s afraid of climate change?

Polar Bear on shrinking ice

I have blogged on climate change before – see Climate change and christians and Christians and climate change.

Almost another year has passed and new information is now available. It’s time to review.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll look at the evidence, the causes and the effects.

Most importantly, I’ll be looking at why it is important for christians to respond rightly to this issue, and what is making it difficult for us to do so.

Photo: Camgreen (Wikispaces).

Climate change and christians

A month ago I pondered why so many christians appear unwilling to accept the broad consensus of reputable climate scientists that human-induced global warning is a serious threat to the earth.

I have now come across some information that suggests that christians are not doing their homework, but are believing things told to them by people who are presenting misleading information, perhaps for dishonest reasons.

A strong statement? Read on!

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Christians and climate change

Lately I have been pondering two facts:

  1. The majority of world climate scientists believe the evidence shows that our climate is changing because of human activity, and, if allowed to continue unchecked, this will have disastrous consequences for hundreds of millions of people.
  2. Christians are well represented among those who are unwilling to accept these conclusions.

Why is it so?

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