The good, the bad and the ugly about institutional christianity and the alternatives.

  • Sermons – not how we learn best? – what modern educational research and the Bible both say about this mainstay of western Protestant christianity.
  • The crucial importance of discussion – why discussion isn’t just an optional extra but necessary if we want people to learn and grow.
  • Christian leadership – have we got it quite the opposite of Jesus?
  • Christianity is changing (blog series). The christian faith has always been flexible, adapting to new times and places. It’s still happening.
  • The future for the church (blog series). I believe a new reformation is upon us, and church in the future will be very different to what we see now.
  • Learning from the Anabaptists (blog series). Not many people know much about the Anabaptists, but they were the third christian grouping in the Reformation (after the Catholics and Protestants). They are still around today, and people are starting to find they’re making sense.

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