God and disasters

Typhoon Haiyan

I originally wrote this post shortly after bushfires near Sydney destroyed 200 homes and took 2 lives. But since then, Typhoon Haiyan has caused much havoc, hardship and loss of life in the Philippines, totally dwarfing the bushfires.

But whether it is the fires or the typhoon, their ferocity and the apparent randomness of the destruction lead us to ask questions about God …..

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Conversion stories: another part of the picture

Montage of faces

I have commented before on people who decide they no longer believe in Jesus (see Atheists who once were christians, Pastors who once were christians, and Why do some christians give up belief?).

But this is only one side of the story. At the same time, a significant number of people from a non-religious background are choosing to believe. I have taken an interest in finding some of their stories.

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Olympic glory?

Race finish

With the London Olympic Games about to begin, now is a good time to remember one of my ‘heroes’.

He was probably Australia’s greatest male sprint athlete, a silver medallist at the 1968 Games in Mexico City. This is the best an Australian male sprinter has ever finished, and in a time that, amazingly, is still the Australian record. He is almost forgotten in his own country, yet famous in the US for something more important than running fast.

This is the story of Peter Norman – a story that deserves to be remembered.

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Alice Cooper in Sunday School?

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper used to be considered as evil personified, but now he is a christian believer, some don’t know how to take him.

So I enjoyed this interview with him, especially these comments by the reporter:

“In the same week, it’s possible that Cooper may be on stage fake-executing himself with a guillotine and helping to watch the children in his church’s nursery in Phoenix.”

Forget asking questions about would you buy a used car from this man! Would you be happy to have him as your child’s Sunday School teacher?

I wonder if he puts on a show for the kiddies??? : )

Christians in communist China: lives lived courageously

God is Red

Most christians are familiar with missionary stories, where brave christians battle great odds and dangers, but end up triumphant. Most of us are encouraged by these stories, written by christians for christians.

But here are stories of incredibly persevering christians written by a Chinese non-believer who clearly respects each hero he interviews.

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