Will Covid-19 change the church?

I posted recently on The church after Covid? I suggested there that the social isolating that has closed most churches would have an effect on the post-pandemic church. I thought that most churches, especially conservative ones, would try to return to “normal”, but some changes would likely cause them some grief.

But perhaps there is hope that some churches might embrace positive change.

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Save a life without leaving home

Monthly challenge

May challenge: 4 men facing death sentence

Amnesty International reports:

“Four journalists in Yemen have been sentenced to death on trumped up charges following grossly unfair trials.

The absurd charges against Akram, Abdelkhaleq, Hareth and Tawfiq  include “creating several websites on the internet and social media.” 

They have been detained, alongside six other journalists, for five years. Abdelkhaleq’s family say that other detainees have heard him screaming as he was being tortured.”

We can help them

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5 ways to live in a toxic world

A few weeks back I posted about living in a toxic world, because of unattractive and nasty things I was seeing:

  • Lack of compassion and loss of community
  • Polarisation and tribalism
  • Triviality
  • The dumbing down of politics
  • The rich control the media

A number of political ploys seem to have led us to this point:

  • Fake news – politicians, the media, well anyone really, telling quite clear and deliberate lies and expecting friends and supporters to simple accept them.
  • Slogans – make people feel they want change and will accept whatever it takes.
  • Demonising – don’t show where your opponents are wrong, simply paint them as the enemy.
  • Identity – build a tribal identity that means followers will accept anything you do.
  • Fear – if you can make people feel afraid, they will accept anything.
  • Authority – if people feel fearful and you project a sense of authority, you can do anything you want.
  • Control – do all this and you can exert increasing control.

So how should christians live in these toxic times?

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Following Jesus 1.01

Some people have their bucket list – the things they want to do before they kick the bucket.

And occasionally you hear people ask “What would you do if you knew you had one day to live?” The answer is often something wild – eat junk food, drink expensive wine, go crazy, self-indulge.

This evening almost 2000 years ago, Jesus knew he had one day to live. And he chose to wash his disciples’ feet. To serve.

Jesus didn’t ask people to “accept him”, and he didn’t ask people to just believe in him.

He was a rabbi (teacher) and like other rabbis, he asked people to follow him. Meaning walk where he walked, accept his discipline, learn from him and keep to his teachings.

May we all learn to not just be strong in faith, but be strong in obedience and love and serving.

The graphic comes from Free Bible Images

Help end child labour in the chocolate industry

Monthly challenge

Child labourers on a chocolate plantation
Child labourers in West Africa, from Education material produced by Be Slavery Free.

April challenge

Last November I suggested a monthly challenge to buy only ethical chocolate for a month.

This month I want to suggest a challenge that requires slightly more work.

  1. Read this post, and the more detailed update I’ve written, on progress to make the chocolate industry free of child labour and pay a fair wage to farmers.
  2. Commit to buying chocolate from brands you know to be at the forefront of ethical practices – there’s some information to guide you below.
  3. Write an email or letter to a chocolate company urging them to fulfil their commitments to wage and work justice.

That’s not too hard, is it? So please read on.

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