Quick reads for busy people


I’m all the time trying to make this website relevant and useful to christians looking to extend their understand and resolve difficult issues. (Whether I succeed is another matter!)

I recently became aware that some people, mostly younger, tend to find some of the pages a little long, perhaps in part because they are reading on a smart phone’s small screen. So I decided to take some of the important questions that I’ve covered in long pages, and summarise them in shorter pages that give an overview of the question and a link to a longer treatment.

I’ve called this new section Quick reads, and it is specially written and set out to be read quickly and easily on a smaller screen.

So far I’ve written three pages for the new section:

I hope to add several more pages over the next few weeks. If you have any thoughts about this – possible topics or ways to make it better – please let me know.

Photo Credit: barnimages.com Flickr via Compfight, modified by unkleE.


3 thoughts on “Quick reads for busy people

  1. Hi,

    Yes, people seem to be less accustomed to reading long text, what’s sort of a problem – but it’s not your duty to solve it. Although I regard conciseness as a positive thing, sometimes we need more words to carry an important message.
    But I agree that reading long texts on small screens is tiresome – even for those used to read frequently.
    One option is trying to record messages and doing podcasts. I have started listening to books recently, it’s a great experience. Even tough I am used to listening to books in English, I am not sure if I can handle the Aussie accent =D


  2. It may not be my duty to solve this problem, but if my aim is to offer ideas, it is best I offer them in the form most likely to be useful.

    I have thought of doing some videos, but I’m not sure about it.


  3. “Even tough I am used to listening to books in English, I am not sure if I can handle the Aussie accent =D”

    Just use a text to speech translator and you will end up listening to Stephen Hawking. 🙂


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