Sometimes we need to be reminded

God cares about the poor, the suffering and the victimised. I don’t know why he made a world where so many suffer, but I do know he expects his people to do something about it – to ease the pain and to bring justice to the systems that cause the pain.

Sometimes we forget. But sometimes we are reminded. And music is one of the ways that reminds me, and moves me, the most.

So here are four video clips that generally leave me close to tears, that remind us of situations that may still be unfinished business, requiring repentance, or an apology, or a change of policy, or at the very least, the determination to not allow such victimisation to happen again.

I hope you watch all four, and I hope you both enjoy and are challenged.

Don’t drink the water!

Dave Matthews plays the role of a white settler trampling on the rights of the Native American people who stand in his way, but the consequence is there’s blood in the water.

Solid Rock

Aussie band Goanna, in a very old video now, recall the relative peace of Australia before the white man came, and how the first Australians may well feel “someone lied!”

Sunday Bloody Sunday

The Irish troubles provoked this U2 classic, but it was never more powerfully performed than the day the IRA killed 11 veterans on a remembrance day parade. The Edge is magnificent, but if you’re sensitive, Bono does utter one (understandable) expletive.

Blind Willie McTell

One of Bob Dylan’s finest, a reverie about slavery and its consequences. (Unfortunately, some of the strongest lyrics are omitted in this performance.)


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