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Recently a sign has started appearing at the bottom of my blog posts (when I view them), telling me some readers may see an advertisement there. I cannot see the ads, and I don’t know how often they appear to readers.

I am not entirely happy about this, as I prefer my blog to be ad free, especially as I cannot control what ads appear. I have seen some quite inappropriate, and amusing, ads appear on other websites. WordPress has every right to put the ads there, as I am enjoying their free hosting. But I have every right to take my blog elsewhere.

Please answer a simple question

Would you mind writing a quick comment, please, telling me if you see ads, how often, what sort of ads and whether they bother you. Thanks.


7 thoughts on “WordPress ads

  1. Neil Rickert says:

    I am not currently seeing ads.

    I also tried using private browsing. I still did not see ads.

    I occasionally see ads on my blog when I visit them with private browsing (to see what they look like to somebody not signed into wordpress). But they are not frequent.

    Their ad placement is probably sensitive to the content of the blog. Neither my blog nor yours is likely to have great advertising potential.

    I thank wordpress for making free blogging available. And if they can pay for it with occasional ads, I’ll give them credit for managing that.


  2. Laura says:

    Yes, as a wordpress blogger myself, the ad thing annoys me – esp with no control over the type of ad. But, so far at least, the ads seem infrequent. There was no ad when I looked at your post. As long as the ads remain somewhat infrequent, I plan to stay with wordpress. But if the ads became frequent, I may reconsider.


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