I’m a guest blogger


Since I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve visited many other blogs and met people, believers and unbelievers, who have been variously friendly, encouraging, challenging or critical.

Tim is one of those people (friendly and encouraging mainly), and he invited me to write a guest post at his blog, “Just one train wreck after another”. (You’ve got to admit it’s an interesting title.)

Writing a guest post isn’t as easy as it sounds, because you are not so familiar with the aims and readership. Anyway, after a few false starts, I have produced a post I was happy with and he has published it today. It’s about the challenge of obeying the Bible rather than just reading it or arguing over it, and it’s titled We need a lot less Bible study …. and a lot more Bible action!

It is a subject dear to my heart, and you might like to check it out.


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