Alice Cooper in Sunday School?

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper used to be considered as evil personified, but now he is a christian believer, some don’t know how to take him.

So I enjoyed this interview with him, especially these comments by the reporter:

“In the same week, it’s possible that Cooper may be on stage fake-executing himself with a guillotine and helping to watch the children in his church’s nursery in Phoenix.”

Forget asking questions about would you buy a used car from this man! Would you be happy to have him as your child’s Sunday School teacher?

I wonder if he puts on a show for the kiddies??? : )


7 thoughts on “Alice Cooper in Sunday School?

  1. ignorantianescia says:

    “I wonder if he puts on a show for the kiddies??? : )”

    Well, School’s Out is perfect for those kids when the summer holiday has started. : ) There’s even a Muppet Show version!


  2. Emily says:

    Oh yes! I would be happy to have Alice teach sunday school to my kids; although I do think he’d have a hard time beating the unkleE + C team! I saw him live a few years ago with Philip; we were astounded by his energy and enthusiasm after all these years. His adult daughter is his lead dancer too. I also like that he’s sort of taken up a role in mentoring other Christian rock/metal musicians in their faith; like Dave Mustaine from Megadeth.

    p.s. Speaking of musicians appearing on kids shows with their musical hits, I love this version of “1, 2, 3, 4” Feist did for Sesame Street 🙂


  3. unkleE says:

    I can’t be outdone. My favourite was when Spike Milligan appeared with the muppets. The main bit is about 5 minutes into this video. In the end, he drops his pants twice, revealing different flags – only Spike Milligan could make such things funny!


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